Calendar of Activities / Ministry Meetings


We would be more than happy to see you in one of our meetings very soon.  Should you need any help with transportation or have any questions regarding these particular events, please call us at 561-498-2855


 Sunday  Tuesday Wednesday  Friday  Saturday 
 9:30am - Sunday School  9:00am - Prayer Service (Fast)      10:00am - Food Pantry
11:00am - Worship Service (French and Haitian Creole)       12:30pm - Elementary School Praise Dance
 5:30pm - Adult Ministry Meetings / Children Choir      8:00pm - Midnight Cry (Prayer Service)  2:00pm - High School Praise Dance
8:00pm - Night Worship Service 8:00pm - Cell Ministry Meetings 8:00pm - Bible Study for all age groups (Haitian Creole and English) 8:00pm - Youth and Young Adults Service (English) 4:00pm - Orchestra
        6:00pm - Men Chorus
        7:00pm - Worship Service for English Speakers



For directions, look for the "visit us" page on the website.