Associate Pastors

Our associate pastors work together with Pastor Evens Jules to spread the gospel in the City of Delray Beach.

Pastor Jacques Auguste

Pastor Jacques Auguste is one of the original members of the church. In 1980, he and his family left Montreal and came to the United States. Upon arrival, the family immediately choose to become members of the church. He studied with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) through an extension center in South Florida. Pastor Jacques was ordained by the church on March 30, 1991. After serving in several capacities, including as cell leader, superintendent of Sunday school, member of the Executive Committee, he became the Ministry Leader of the Adult Ministry in 2007. He is married to Ghislaine, and together they have two children, Suzie and Jonathan.

Pastor Jean C. Delpe

Pastor Jean Changlais Delpe came to know the lord in 1978. He was baptized two years later, on September 26,1980. He joined Bethel's family on October 26,1986. He earned a diploma in Christian Ministry with NOBTS in 1994. He was ordained at the church on November 13,1994. He became the Ministry leader of the cell group ministry of the church. Since then he has been a useful tool in God's hand at the church and in the Haitian community of Palm Beach County. He is very active in the Haitian Evangelical Crusade Association (HECA) organization. Pastor Delpe is married to Marie Lena, and they are blessed with their only daughter Changlena. 

Pastor Samuel Menard

Pastor Samuel Menard joined Bethel in 1995. He graduated with Bachelor of Science in Business Management at Palm Beach Atlantic University, His experiences include teaching and mentoring ESE VE students. Working in the ESE program, he wants to build students' self esteem while helping them improve academically. Brother Samuel became a Deacon at the church in 2006. After his graduation from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS), he was ordained at the church under the decision of the Haitian Crusade Mission in 2010. He is now serving as the leader for Christian Education Ministry. He is married to sister Yveline and together they have four children: Jennifer, Luther, Samy and Sarafina.

Pastor Simon Fils-Aime Jr. 

Pastor Simon came to know the lord at the age of 13 when missionaries were going around in his neighborhood sharing the good news, and has been a follower of Christ ever since.  Pastor Simon has a background in Mechanical Drafting and designing. He worked as Mechanical Drafter for nine years but felt God calling him to serve in Ministry. In 2011, pastor Simon left Jacksonville to move to south Florida to attend PBA. He is now serving as the leader of the  Young Adult Ministry. He is married to Myriam and together they have three children: Valarie, Alexzander, and Nathan.