Based on Acts 2: 42-47, our purposes are to:

Exalt the Savior: 

"They devoted themselves... to the breaking of bread and to prayer .... They continued to meet together in the temple courts praising God ...." (vv. 42, 46, 47).The objective here is to magnify God. We understand that worship answers out basic human need for a power to live on.


Evangelize the lost:

"And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved" (v. 47). The objective here is mission to those who have yet to receive Christ. Evangelism answers our basic human need for a purpose to live for.


Enlist the saved for church membership:

"They devoted themselves to the fellowship ....All the believers were together ....They ate together ...." (vv 42, 44, 46). The objective here is membership in God's family. Fellowship answers our basic human need for people to live with.


Edify the saints:

"They devoted themselves the apostles' teaching"(v. 42). The objective here is to grow to maturity in Christ. Discipleship answers our basic human need for principles to live by.


Engage them in ministry work at the church and in the community.

"They gave to anyone as he had need" (v. 45). The objective here is to engage in ministry. Service answers our basic human need for a profession to live out.


Bethel Evangelical Baptist Church of Delray Beach exists to reach the people of the city and challenge them to grow in relationship with God and with one another.