Each Ministry main goal is to strengthen our brothers and sisters in their daily walk with Christ. Bethel has a ministry for everyone interest. From the music Ministry where you can learn to play the violin, trumpet, guitar to the youth ministry where you could participate in plays and coordinate events.What ever your spiritual gift is with more than 15 ministries Bethel has a ministry to help you nurture and grow your gift. 

  • Evangelism & Mission

    We love being God's hands and feet locally, nationally and internationally by going to mission trips throughout the United States, the Caribbean (Haiti, Bahamas and Dominican Republic). Join us on our next outreach event in the nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, street of Delray Beach, etc. 

  • Music

    This ministry's main purpose is to accompany and enhance the singing of the congregation with different musical instruments (Band, Orchestra, and Music Academy) and vocal instruments (Worship team, Choirs, and Groups). This ministry is under the leadership of Maestro Pierre Aristil. 

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  • Christian Education

    We believe that this ministry is the foundation for lifelong learning and Growth toward a mature and vital faith. With intentional learning and Christian formation we become the people God calls us to be and we develop gifts and strength for encouraging and leading others to the same strong faith. This ministry is under the leadership of Pastor Samuel Menard. 

  • Youth

    The goal of this ministry is to design a model which provides integrated and effective opportunities for discipleship,study, fellowship, service and recreation within the Middle School and High School small groups in their school as part of First Priority,. The youth worship the Lord through praise dance, drama and more under the leadership of Freslaine St.Louis. For more information, click here

  • Adult Ministry

    This Ministry encompasses: 

    Women Ministry: The Women's Ministry of Bethel Exists to build a community of Godly women. This ministry is under the leadership of sister Martha Baucicaut and meets every Sunday at 5:30 PM. The women's ministry leaders work to encourages spiritual growth, team work and mutual support. For more information, click here.

    Men Ministry: Under the leadership of Brother Patrick Jean-Louis this ministry exists to build a community of Godly men. They Focus on mentoring and disciplining the men of the church as well as helping them to grow in both leadership and faith.

    Maranatha (Senior Adult):   Under the leadership of Pastor Jacques Auguste the goal of this ministry is to encourage our senior adults and enable them to grow spiritually and to be an example for the upcoming generation.

  • Cell Ministry

    This ministry currently regroups more than 16 cells all over Palm Beach County under the leadership of Pastor Jean Changlais Delpe. Each group meets once a week and works in a specific zone to support members through prayer and encouragement. 

  • Children Ministry

    The mission of this ministry is to reach out to children with the message of christ unconditional love, guiding them to grow into a personal relationship with Jesus-Christ nurturing in them a heart to serve. Sunday worship services (11am), bible study, Choir, Vacation Bible School are just examples of ministries held just for them.

  • Media

    The media industry is an essential part of the church. It helps us propagate the word of God through the efficient use of our audio-visual equipment during the worship services, online, the radio, and the church bookstore.

  • Prayer Ministry

    The focus of this ministry is to strengthen the prayer life of the church members by making available a wide range of activities such as Friday night prayer and half-day fast on Tuesdays. 

  • Young Adult

    Open to all singles and married individuals between the ages of 18 and 38. The Young Adults currently meets every other Sundays from 6pm to 7:30pm and every Wednesdays for an edifying age-appropriate Bible Study with Pastor Simon Fils-Aime Jr. 

  • Deacon Supportive

    This ministry is not supported only by the deacons whose chairmain is brother Jean Claude Dorsainvil. Every member with a heart to help can serve in ministries such as ushers, transportation, parking & traffic, or building & lawn maintenance.

  • Family Ministry

    Led by Patrick and Yvena Chrysostome, we look to equip the families of the church to live and display the love of God in their relationships through ministry. As a way to bring the couples closer together this ministry has couples date night, small groups, and their annual couples retreat and Gala.